About Us

Momentum Lab is a boutique, Pilates-based Functional Fitness Studio established in 2013 by Lynn Ong and her partner Jim Lim with a group of dedicated Pilates & Mobility Trainers.

In the past, with a busy corporate schedule, the only time Lynn had to stay fit was during weekends. Joining other weekend warriors she thought she could keep fit by running and working out in the gym. Despite her relentless effort of trying to stay active, her agony began when her knees started giving her pain even from the simple act of walking down the stairs.
Undeterred, Lynn began her quest to overcome her injury and found compelling benefits in Pilates and how it has helped so many people who has similar injuries just like hers. Through the practice of Pilates, Lynn recovered from her injuries and she was amazed by the improvement in her core strength and a better posture she never had before.

She eventually left her corporate career and embarked on a journey of obtaining full certification in Pilates. Over the years, Lynn has been helping clients to exercise without pain whilst continuing to hone her skills and knowledge by attending numerous courses, workshops and seminars internationally.

Today, our clients come from all walks of life. From senior corporate executives, young athletes, busy mothers and even seniors. They visit Momentum Lab regularly for a wide variety of fitness goals, maintenance regime or for posture strengthening programs.


It is our belief that everyone deserves a nimble, supple and flexible body while we channel our energy to deliver be-spoke life-changing solutions to our clients through a disciplined application of diverse modalities.


With the application of Pilates principles, functional fitness training techniques and other diverse evidence-based manual therapy, we are training your neuromuscular system and not just your muscles. Designed to target specific and effective muscle interaction, our customized personal programs and group classes will transform your body to its ideal level of fitness, mobility and performance.


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