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Momentum Lab is a boutique, Pilates-based Functional Fitness Studio established in 2013 by Lynn Ong and her partner Jim Lim with a group of dedicated Pilates & Mobility Trainers.

Since our inauguration, Momentum lab has been at the forefront of the Pilates and the fitness industry in Singapore. We pride ourselves in teaching well-curated group fitness classes, customized personal training programs, as well as corrective exercises to help people regain pre-injury lifestyle using Pilates principles, functional training techniques and evidence-based Stretch & Align Therapy.

From the start of your regime, we will not only train your muscles but also your neuromuscular systems to transform your body to its ideal level of fitness, mobility and performance. Visit us to tour our facility and have a chat with our Mobility Trainers about your fitness goals!

Watch the videos here to see our cosy studio and hear how our clients are moving from strength to strength.

"My first objective was to cure my frozen shoulder, which was fully recovered in 8-10 weeks. Since then, I have been wanting to improve my posture as well as flatten my tummy and Shira has worked very hard to help me. Although both objectives are work-in-progress, I have improved a lot, strengthening many dormant muscles in the process. Thank you, Shira and Momentum Lab!”

Altaf Parpia
"I was introduced to Doug through a friend who had been training at Momentum Lab for a year or so. During our first session, we discussed about my goals and the best way to achieve them. Over the next 2 months, we embarked on a customized program. It was hard, but with Doug’s encouragement, I stayed on track and achieved my goal of losing 6 kg!”

David Jordan
“The group classes are very interesting and I like classes like CardioPunch, Gravity Pilates and HIIT classes. The trainers are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I feel comfortable training in Momentum Lab as compared to going to the bigger gyms as you get familiar with the regulars and it is fun to train together."

Melissa Heng
Melissa Heng
“Great sessions. Very professional Mobility Trainers who are knowledgeable with precise explanations and technique as to the purpose of each stretch and exercise. It really helped me improve my limited range of movement and alleviate my lower back pain!”

Stefan Karlen
“I am very satisfied with the progress I’ve had by working with Lynn & Sheryl. I started with a chronic back pain which is now alleviated. Their methodology specifically targets muscle groups which were previously ignored due to injuries, thus giving me a new-found control of my body and a better posture.”

Virginie Simon
“Momentum Lab’s has brought me closer to my fitness goals - improve my cardio, strength, endurance as well as flexibility. Their well-curated fitness programs constantly piques my interest and motivates me to adhere to my fitness regime.”

Asha Langdon
Asha Langdon
“I like Momentum Lab as it is small, intimate and very personalised. They focus a lot on pre and post-routine, so you do not injure yourself. I enjoy all of their classes, especially the high intensity and cardio ones.”

Sidney Go
Sidney Go
“A fantastic studio. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. Instructors are fab - they are patient, motivating, passionate and want you to get the most out of your exercise session. The group classes are great, with numbers kept to 10 max. This allows for individual attention. I highly recommend this studio. 5 stars!”

Rebecca James
"My wife and I have been taking lessons with Lynn for more than 10 years. She is absolutely meticulous in ensuring that we keep good form while performing her exercises. Her lessons are never boring so, even after a decade, we are still being introduced to different exercises. We both feel stronger, more flexible and more balanced because of our Pilates sessions with her and we hope to continue with her for many years to come.”

Tien Xuan Doe
"Momentum Lab has a great variety of group classes which really helped me get back into exercising safely, effectively, and with confidence. The Gravity Pilates classes are fantastic whilst the balance and strength classes are enjoyable and beneficial for me. Having suffered from lower back problems for many years, I am now pain free and have the confidence of understanding my body more.”

Sara Boe

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It is our belief that everyone deserves a fit, nimble, and flexible body. We channel our energy to deliver bespoke life-changing fitness programs to empower you to focus on achieving your fitness milestones through. Let us know your fitness goals!