Our Mission

Momentum Lab is a boutique Pilates based functional training studio with a mission to transform your body to its ideal level of fitness, flexibility and stability through effective exercises and evidence-based manual therapy.

It is our belief that everyone deserves a nimble, supple and flexible body and we channel our energy to deliver bespoke life-changing solutions to our clients through a disciplined application of diverse modalities.

We strive to inspire each client and generate the impression: “Momentum has helped me change my posture, increase my energy level and change my life through better body awareness. Now, I am fitter, healthier, and more mobile than I ever thought possible.”

As a social mission, we strive to connect to the community by offering subsidized tailor-made programs for individuals with special backgrounds, the disadvantaged as well as youth-at-risk seeking a pro-social lifestyle. By choosing Momentum Lab, our clients automatically join us in our quest in promoting and building a more inclusive society where all people feel valued and their differences respected.