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PilatesITC delivers Pilates International’s comprehensive government accredited training courses, as well as professional development education and non-accredited short courses.

Integrative Physio is the first clinic in Singapore to combine Physiotherapy, Clinical Nutrition (Functional Medicine), Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine under one roof. Integrative Physio takes a uniquely holistic view in regaining health, reducing pain and optimising function.

Motion Dynamics is a revolutionary fitness program that promotes corrective postural and bio-mechanical movements. It encourages and inspires an active lifestyle by learning to move your body intelligently. Pre-habilitation and prevention of injury is our focus. Motion Dynamics is the culmination of nearly 20 years hands-on experience

Through a fusion of evolving exercise disciplines The willPower Method® links the strength, power and desires of your mind with the demands and potential of your body. Originated in the heart of New York City in 2000, The willPower Method® poses the question: What if you had to?