Lynn Ong

Fully certified in Stotts Pilates, Lynn also brings with her over 10 years of experience and qualifications from recognised institutions in New York, Australia and New Zealand.

Achieving her own recovery and new lease of life through Pilates has inspired Lynn to help others improve their lives in a similar way. Lynn has helped many clients transform their lives as they improve their flexibility, mobility, fitness and well-being. She researches and works with physiotherapists and osteopaths to continually improve her ability to help others overcome their physical barriers, regain their fitness and improve their daily lives.

Jim Lim

Jim Lim

Jim has worked for more than two decades in business development across APAC for MNCs like Canon, Toshiba and Global Scanning in the digital imaging industry.

As an avid fitness enthusiast, his passion drove him to take up fitness courses and eventually in 2013, he decided it was time to do something that is closer to his heart by setting up Momentum Lab.

Besides managing the business at Momentum Lab, Jim also drives the corporate fitness programs and foster partnerships with fitness industry leaders.


Hailing from Toronto, Canada and with a BFA Honor Degree Majoring in Dance, Amy started her career as a professional dancer before becoming a Stott Pilates Fully Certified Instructor in 2004 when she became immersed in improving her knowledge about human body and movement. Since 2007, she has been travelling to many region representing Merrithew Health & Fitness as an Instructor Trainer for Stott Pilates and Total Barre. Amy finds it rewarding to share her knowledge with students who are pursuing a career in Pilates, as well as being a part of her clients’ journey as they continue to achieve their personal fitness goals.

Douglas McAndrew

Douglas’s innate ability to teach and assess movement patterns stems from his passion in health and fitness. Armed with a mastery of several fitness courses honed in Scotland and Australia, Douglas is drawn to join the Momentum team to help others achieve their fitness goals through personalised programmes and strategic plans. Douglas firmly believes that functional strength and movement are key aspects to a healthy and pain-free lifestyle, and he aims to inspire clients towards greater health and fitness.


With a degree in Physical Therapy, Sheryl has always kept her fascination with anatomy and physiology by exposing and engaging herself with Manual Therapy work for the past 10 years. Her enthusiasm to learn and passion to help people have been the fundamental reason why she has helped many clients improve their functional performance. Sheryl aspire to add life to years rather than just adding years to life.



Adeline fell in love with Pilates when she was a dancer ten years ago to cross-train and manage her injuries. Fascinated by how Pilates helped her, Adeline embarked on her journey to be a Pilates instructor teaching clients how to condition their bodies to move efficiently without the risk of injury. Through her deep understanding of Pilates coupled with her jovial and patient personality, many clients have benefited from their sessions with her.

Shafiq Samat


With a Bsc of Exercise & Sports Science, Shafiq brings along with him over 8 years of practical fitness experience. Being well versed in many fitness modalities, Shafiq deeply understands the importance of human biomechanics and he firmly believes that applying it is the foundation for all good exercise techniques. Not only is Shafiq adaptable and flexible in his training methods, but he is also result-oriented and passionate to share his knowledge to help others achieve their goals.

Trainer Cheok


Cheok has worked in Changi Sports Medicine Centre as well as in private physio clinics performing rehab exercises and deep tissue release for patients so that they could safely return to their daily functional activities.

Cheok’s specialty not only includes ankle and lower limb injuries, he also helps clients with patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), ACL, Tennis Elbow, lower back as well as shoulder and neck pain.

Cheok is a sport science graduate with a certification in EIMS (Exercise is Medicine Singapore) and has a sports massage diploma. He enjoys running, swimming and a nice cold beer after his children go to bed.