It is a well known fact that fit and healthy employees are productive employees. MomentumLab is an experienced corporate fitness provider that champions the movement at work philosophy to ensure good posture, flexibility and improved fitness for busy employees with little or no time for exercise. We conduct group fitness programs that can be customised to suit your office and available space, in addition to corporate sponsored programs delivered at our training centre.

Corporate Fitness programs include:

Pilates: “Core Strength & Flexibility”

Deepen your scoop. Find your core and build up your core strength with this invigorating Pilates workout on the mat. Learn how to find your centre and control through functional movements. Based on Pilates core principles, client will be able to develop functional strength, improve balance and coordination. Wake up your muscles and be empowered to go deeper, get stronger and bring Pilates into your everyday life!

Stretch & Align Workout

Do you spend many hours sitting and standing? Neck, shoulder and back discomfort? Then perhaps you should join this Stretch & Align Workout! Stretch & Align is a dynamic group flexibility class designed for you to learn how to mobilize yourself in a dynamic group class setting. This energetic and informative group class (60 minutes) are designed to teach you how to flex, stretch, stabilized safely and therapeutically.


Compliment your existing training with this multi-level 45 minutes class to strengthen your abdominals and back muscles. Using various pieces of fitness accessories, you will be challenged at the core to improve stability, posture and core strength. Core conditioning and strengthening is the fundamental of a fitness program for everyone and you will notice you can achieve more in whatever sports you engage.


Flat abs and killer confidence have one thing in common: a hard strong core! That’s because the muscles that make up your middle dictate not only how you rock in your swimming attire. If you want to stop that muffin blooming over the top of your pants, then it is time to challenge your core & abs by attending this 6-Packs Attack workout!



This is a 45 minutes high intensity interval training which combine all the best body weight exercises in fitness history. Stepping up your metabolic rate with fast burst of intense cardiovascular sets, this workout will boost metabolism and you will be still burning fat/calories after you’ve completed the workout. Be prepared to give your 100% and sweat buckets when you attend this non-stop adrenaline pumping class.

willPower & grace®

A high-energy, cardiovascular full body conditioning program which mind-body practitioners have been looking for. The workout is as philosophical as it is physical – a full-body functional workout meets sports psychology – keeps you in tune with your movement all the time. Work up your core from your feet, strengthen and correct imbalances in your ankles, knees and hips with this smart and functional barefoot training method.

Functional YOGA

Functional YOGA aims to improve your daily functional performance by focusing on body awareness, core stability, flexibility and strength. Have fun uncovering the potential of your body and executing challenging poses with grace and control.

Power YOGA

This is a fluid, dynamic & powerful style of yoga that will elevate your heart rate and body temperature. Linking movement and breath, it focus on intuition rather than tradition to heal, detoxifies and exhilarates the mind and body with emphasis on rhythmic movement, transition and balance.

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Lunch Time Talks:

Of the many lunch-time talks we presented, here are some of the popular ones:

  • How to Improve Your Flexibility & Mobility
  • Managing Shoulder, Neck & Back Pain
  • How Stretching Improve Your Performance
  • Improving Posture At Work
  • Exercises at Your Desk
  • Keeping Fit While Travelling
  • Avoiding Nerve Injury
  • Movement at Work

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