Which class is right for me?

Not quite sure which class to participate in? No worries, just refer to this handy list.


You … are looking for a high-cardio workout to complement existing sports training.

Try … willPower & grace®

Why? Using a series of postures and drills, this workout combines high-energy cardiovascular exercises with a foot-fitness conditioning program to strengthen your ankles, knees, and hips.


You … are bored with your usual aerobics workout.

Try … CardioPUNCH

Why? This 45-minute workout ensures you’ll be moving throughout the entire class. From punching to ducking and weaving to squats and core work, there’s something to keep your heart rate up the whole time.



You … want to lose weight, fast.

Try … HIIT

Why? High Intensity Interval Training is an exercise strategy that comprises short bursts of intense cardiovascular and strength training to supercharge your metabolism and promote fat burning.


You … want to appear more toned.

Try … Gravity: FBC

Why? Using the Gravity-inclined bodyweight training system, this helps you to firm up any excess flab on your abs, bum, and thighs.


You … are looking for a whole-body workout.

Try … Circuit Training

Why? Created for people of all fitness levels, this fun-packed class is a great way to build strength and cardiovascular endurance, as well as overall flexibility and coordination.



You … want to take your Pilates training to the next level.

Try … Pilates Fusion.

Why? Using a variety of equipment and props, the Momentum Lab trainers have come up with a unique form of Pilates to ensure no two classes are identical.

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You … are experiencing discomfort in your lower back.

Try … Pilates Mat: Gentle Back Care

Why? Weak core muscles usually cause a weak lower back. This class takes you through a series of functional exercises for stronger, healthier core muscles.


You … want to build a strong core.

Try … Pilates Mat: Core Strength

Why? This mat-based workout uses a variety of props and Barre-influenced techniques to develop and strengthen your core muscles.


You … are looking for some variety in your Pilates workout.

Try … Pilates : Bootcamp on Mat

Why? This circuit training class takes your Pilates workout to the next level through a planned series of functional movements that build overall strength and balance.


You … are experiencing issues with mobility in your everyday life.

Try: CrossCore : Legs, Bums & Tums

Why? The CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ is a versatile piece of suspension training system that helps your body to move and rotate with ease.


You … have very tight muscles.

Try … Foam Roller: Stretch & Release

Why? After an intense workout, it’s normal for your muscles to feel tight and sore. Using cross-fiber release and periodic pinning techniques, this class helps loosen up tight muscles and preps you for your next workout.

Empty room with wooden floor

Empty room with wooden floor

You … are determined to finally get serious about fitness.

Try … GetFit20

Why? With sessions on every night from Mondays to Thursdays, you have no excuse not to show up! This fun-filled class takes you through a series of Pilates exercises and weight-based resistance training for a whole-body workout.

(GetFIT Participants)