willPower & grace



Momentum had the pleasure of hosting Stacey Lei Krauss, founder and created of the willPower method, at our studio the last few days. The willPower method is all about barefoot functional training with positive philosophy.
I’ve actually never paid that much attention to my feet before. I’d go for pedicures sometimes to make sure that my toes looked presentable enough, but to me, my feet were always just… there. Besides using them to walk, they didn’t really seem to have much other use to me. But the first time I joined the masterclass Stacey was teaching on Monday morning, she brought this strange new awareness to the part of my body I’ve too long neglected. My feet actually felt like they were a part of me, and wasn’t just some “unnecessary” accessory of my body.  That feeling was totally surreal! Also, 3 days of joining Stacey’s masterclass, and what seemed like a gazillion squats and lunges later… my whole lower body feels sore. But I’m addicted to the burn and the soreness, cause I know I pushed myself hard and gave myself a good workout!
DID YOU KNOW? Our feet actually have 33 joints in them (yes, something I learned during our 2 day course which will be forever engrained in my memory)! That means that our feet are capable of so much movement that we’ve been denying them by the wearing shoes!!
Now that my feet are “alive”, I’m gonna be able to move freer! (;