Beauty Cleanse Day 2

A little update from last night: Yesterday early noon, I actually wondered how 6 juices were going to be enough for me, considering my appetite is probably 2.5x more than most people’s. But I was struggling to finish my 5th juice while I was walking home after my last class at 9 pm. Might have been because it was a pure vegetable juice and wasn’t as tasty as the ones before, but I was just feeling so full from consuming so much liquids. Took me quite awhile to finish it, and I was actually contemplating skipping the last beverage, which was the cashew milk. But that was the one I was really looking forward to all day, so I managed to finish all 6 juices after all!

I woke up this morning a little tired- don’t think it’s the juice; more of not getting enough sleep. Had some lemon water and half of my first juice (which is by far the tastiest) and headed in to the studio for a 9 am class. Managed to squeeze in a very short swim today too, thank goodness for some sun in the early afternoon.

I was actually advised to have a sea salt/Epsom salt scrub or soak, which is said help the lymphatic system, remove dead skin cells and toxins, improve skin complexion… But I didn’t have a bathtub, so I made do with what I had on hand. I obviously can’t have any chocolate while on a cleanse, but I sure can smell like one!


I’ve heard some stories of individuals experience very adverse effects while on a cleanse, but so far so good! I still feel quite energetic and I’m actually not craving food (yet).

Tomorrow we’re having a BBQ for some clients, and no food for me…. So we’ll see how I survive that. One more day to go! (;