Beauty Cleanse Day 3

Today was my last day of the juice cleanse, and quite honestly it was the hardest. I was so hungry that I already finished 4 of my juices by midday, so I threw away whatever grand plans I had of going to the gym that day. I lay in bed feeling quite cranky (cause that’s what hunger does to a person), just listening to my stomach growl in protest, thinking that I had to conserve whatever energy I had left to teach my classes in the evening. But once I was actively moving, and participating in the class, I felt a sudden surge of energy. Must have been the excitement and adrenaline I feel whenever teach group classes, but it was pretty effective in taking my mind of my hunger pangs! As I was walking home, I was feeling quite happy; looking forward to the cashew nut mylk that I had left waiting for me in the fridge before I went to bed.

I actually have a slow masticating juicer of my own, but the hassle and the mess, not to mention the time it takes to juice…. I don’t juice as often as I would like. With Beauty Cleanse, I felt so pampered to have bottles filled to the brim with organic juices jam packed with nutrients all neatly packed and labeled, and delivered to my door step at that!!! I also liked how they neatly packed and labeled all my supplements in little ziploc bags.


It was my birthday a couple of days before I started the juice cleanse, so I had a week of feasting and probably too much cake. Being on the juice cleanse was a good respite after all the indulgence. My goal wasn’t really to lose weight, so I didn’t weigh myself before and after the cleanse. I did however, feel lighter- in the sense that I wasn’t tasking my body with digesting “heavy” foods such as meats and the likes. And it did feel good just knowing that I was feeding my body with the freshest and the best organic produce.

Overall, I really enjoyed all the juices, with the carrot & pinapple juice and the cashew nut mylk as my favorites. Coincidentally, they were the first and last juices of the day, so I really woke up and slept with something to look forward to! Even the vegetable juices were surprisingly quite palatable. Beauty Cleanse actually offers cleanses to different goals: be it losing weight, prepping for your wedding, for a more radiant complexion, or even if it’s just juicing to reintroduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Click on their logo to find out more!