Beauty Cleanse Day 1

Did You Know?
Momentum has recently partnered up with Beauty Cleanse, to help support & guide those who want to kickstart a health regime!

I have the privilege and honour of trying out Beauty Cleanse’s Beauty Boost 3 Day Juice Cleanse, so I will be updating this space with how I’m faring! I promise to be honest, and that I will not be cranky when teaching class :p

My juices were delivered the night before my cleanse, so when I got home, I just saw all these beautiful coloured juice bottles sitting in my fridge.  I also love how the cooler bag came with a booklet with juice cleansing guidelines and for motivational quotes for me to read if I reach the “why on earth am I doing this” self questioning stage, and of course the little touch of personalisation- my name handwritten on a tag (; My cleanse plan actually comes with supplements, so I had all my supplements all neatly and individually packed for convenience.

Also, it was so reassuring that Boon from Beauty Cleanse actually emailed me a week before with pre-cleanse guidelines and with the daily routine. He also called to check up on me periodically and to check if I was adhering to some precautions pre-cleansing to minimise potential detox side effects.  He also called today on my 1st day of the cleanse just to make sure I hadn’t passed out from hunger… Kidding! He called to ask how I was doing- whether I was experiencing any detox symptoms and how many times I’ve visited the toilet (yes, rather odd question, but this part is important because your body needs to get rid of all those waste toxins). FYI though, going to the toilet too many times really isn’t much fun…

As I’m typing this, I’m already into my 4th juice of the day. Can’t wait till night time till I can try the cashew nut milk!


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Will be updating more soon! Till then, wish me luck!