Running – coupled with increased enrolment in com…

Running – coupled with increased enrollment in commercial races that are taking place almost every weekend here in Singapore – outdoor boot camps, Zumba, Pilates and some form of body sculpting classes to name a few, are getting popular. Media portrayal of the ideal body image is changing our perception of our own bodies. 

Whichever camp you belong, know your body and feed it well.
Energy Requirements for Exercise – Summarized

Individuals who do a lot of exercise/ training each day are expending more energy on top of their basal (resting) metabolic system (digestion, circulatory, respiratory yada-yada the Science we did in Primary school). Muscles are breaking, and forming (everything works in equilibrium in the body) as such it is crucial to replenish sufficiently. This however does not give you the green light to gorge on unhealthy food, rather aim to increase portion sizes of nutritionally rich foods like wholegrains, meat and greens.


“It is thought that an average sized meal, eaten no more than two hours before exercise provides the best results. The meal should contain some form of carbohydrate, should be low in fat and should not contain too much protein as this may work to slow down stomach movements and could leave you feeling uncomfortable.”
“Staying well hydrated whilst exercising is also extremely important. When the body’s water content falls below it’s normal level this can have an impact on performance. If you are exercising for longer than 30 minutes then you should be drinking fluid whilst doing it and ideally should be keeping fluid levels topped up throughout the day.”
In the Nutshell : Eating and staying well hydrated is crucial to any training and exercise recovery process. Aim for a snack (with a 80% carbohydrate:20% protein ratio) within 30 minutes to an hour after exercise to promote muscle repair and growth. 
Ideas : (1) CHOCOLATE MILK – my favorite (2) 1 regular pot of yogurt with fresh berries – ooo yeahhh (3) 1 tbsp peanut butter + 1/2 banana on 1 wholegrain bread, or if you prefer something more savoury, (4) hummus and whole wheat pita, (5) chicken/tuna/egg with slight amount of mayo or olive oil and herbs on whole wheat bread. – my favorite herb is rosemary and tarragon, or tumeric and pepper
I hope I’m making you hungry enough for exercise…
Anyhow, “in order to ensure that your body is well prepared for exercise and training, understanding that different foods can provide different types of energy is important. It is also important to take into account the type of training and its intensity, as this will also be a factor when determining a suitable nutrition programme.”