Looks like I’m the first one to post! Just a quick…

Looks like I’m the first one to post! Just a quick one to state my presence and a hello to all readers! ☺

Haven’t been riding much the past week, but decided to ride to the studio again this afternoon- roads were relatively clear and sun wasn’t too glaring, so I managed to make it in without dripping sweat on the floors! Oh, we’ll be re-doing the floor of the main studio, so you guys can look forward to less “hard” and cold floors!

I’ve also recently changed my bar tape to the Celeste color, and I’m quite happy that my bike doesn’t look so manly and boring now (it was majority black before I changed the tape)! Don’t you just love that the colors of my bike match the lockers in the studio too?!


How do most of you get around? Try not to fall into the lazy pit and drive or cab around all the time! If the place you want to get to is only 10-15 minutes away, WALK! Fitness starts with a single step- or in my case today- a few pedals. :p

Move free, be strong, and live healthy!