Tap into your primal instincts, babe!

The week whizzed by like a whirlwind…

First was my maiden attempt at scaling a mountain over the weekend, and then there was the amazing barefoot training workshop called willPower & grace® conducted by Stacey Lei Krauss, the founder of The willPower Method. Whoa!

Well, yeah, I CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN. Like to start off with this description that I’d come across at the end of the climb. It reflects exactly how I felt through my adventure.



Little expectations, aplenty discovery – about yourself. I had many revelations being so close to nature. That feeling is astounding – I assure you, it’s the best feeling I’ve had besides that moment when I received my best grades in school or landed my first job assignment (AHA). The peace and quietness, the focus and the sound of nature will be the closest you ever get to heaven.


Sunset from Laban Rata


Enroute summit


First Light

Instead of boring you with the process, I’ll sum up lessons I’ve got from it.
Every small step takes you through a longer journey, and every footstep sets your foundation up. The journey up wasn’t as bad as what they said, no. As the saying goes, the only mountain that you have to get by is the mountain in your mind. Really, the only opponent to your purpose is the person in you telling you that it’s a scary journey ahead. Honestly. I reckon the part that put me off guard was pulling onto the ropes to hit the summit at 2.30am when it was all pitch dark and cold. PLUS I was acrophobic. Words cannot describe the fear I had when I saw my friends struggle to pull themselves up that *gasp* steep wall (yeah mountain wall). When it was my turn, I could literally hear my heart pounding. Found myself in spiderman action having to trail my steps along the narrow path created around the mountain is no joke. It’s a mind thing really. Sometimes you don’t know what you are capable of doing until you talk yourself out of the mindset that holds you back. At the end of it, I can tell you, I enjoyed the climb altogether. I will do it again, and again. It’s like a challenge you get addicted to. 😉
Anyhow if there’s anything I’ll like to share, it’s this : Don’t limit yourself to the space you’d created in your mind. Come out of it and create your own experience. You are the writer of your own story. Make it exciting!
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Tremendous Masterclass with Stacey on 18 Feb
It was a great privilege to work with Stacey over the past couple of days. She brought with her not only rich knowledge but great passion. No one really thought much about the feet – what purpose did you think they serve?
Being an avid runner covering miles, I’d read about gait training and the importance of keeping our stride swift and grounded. The wave of barefoot training hit our shores but I haven’t exactly attempted it. This course enlightened me about the importance of foot fitness and Stacey really kicked my butt with her foot. Well not literally, but I think it’s brilliant how she’d gathered years of experience to come up with this one of a kind programme. It’s hard to describe. You got to experience it.
It’s like you kinda need to find your balance, and you kinda have to grip your toes. Probably you can go further. Probably you need to fall to get back up. Maybe it’s re-learning movement, or maybe … it’s meant to be like that. How far can your feet take you? Can you go further?
My first experience :
Simple and easy movements; beauty comes with the philosophical part. Brings out an innate back-to-nature feeling – something that cannot be experienced in city life. Good cardio addition with various levels to play with. Challenging yet empowering. A workout out of a kind.
Like what they say: You got to experience it!!
We hope you are as excited as us because you’ll be stronger, you’ll move better and you’ll think positive. That’s willpower and grace. 😀