Protein powder is made of building blocks known as amino acids. Amino acids are responsible for building and maintenance of muscles, bones, blood and body organs. Amino acids are very important to humans for both growth and general health. Of the 22 amino acids that are beneficial for human health, only 13 of them can be produced within our bodies, meaning the other 9 must be consumed via your diet. In today’s fast paced society, protein shakes are very popular as you can make the shake just about anywhere. Once you consume the protein shake your body will begin to break it down in order to absorb the amino acids.




This is where which kind of protein shake is best for you becomes relevant. There are varying absorption times depending on which protein you choose, ranging from isolates (fast absorption) to Casein (slow absorption). Isolates are best consumed immediately after resistance training and will provide the fastest recovery due to the fact that your body can break them down very easily. Casein is a much slower absorption rate as it takes your body longer to break down.  (better at night time for slow release into muscles)


Protein is great for a number of reasons and is an important part of our diets. If you cannot consume enough in your day to day life ( fish, meat, eggs and dairy) then protein shakes are a very convenient way to do so. There are also lots of options now days regarding flavours due to the growing popularity of this industry. (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cookies n cream), just to name a few. Don’t be afraid of mixing a protein shake into your diet. They can be very beneficial and have many health benefits. Your local supplement store or trainer will be able to tell you which type is best for you and your own specific goals.