Mature Adult Program

Mature Adult Exercise Program

An exercise program highly customised to age, mobility and fitness level to improve your performance and energy level whilst reducing the risk of injury.

When you are approaching the mid-century mark, more isn’t better. You do you and probably should not work out like a 20-year-old no matter how spry you feel.

Although exercise is really important as you get older, there is no shame in adapting your routine to avoid injuries. It is important to know your limits and listen to your body. Fitness isn’t age-specific, or goes to waste when you start getting older. While it’s a common assumption that exercise only benefits the young, building on strength and maintaining muscles is just as important when you hit your later ages.

Before starting a new exercise program, you may like to seek your doctor’s clearance especially if you’re taking medications or have any chronic conditions such as lung disease or heart problems. Once you got all cleared, it is worth seeking us up for a non-obligation consultation and we can help you find enjoyable ways to exercise and reach your fitness goals safely.