Are You Suffering From Soreness?

Working from home and having to sit in front of your lap top for several hours can cause significant postural strain on your neck, back and shoulder.

What are the signs and symptoms of muscle and nerve soreness?

•    Tightness in muscles
•    Soreness or aching
•    Muscle spasm
•    Back pain 
•    Restricted movement
•    Tiredness and feeling stressed

These are signs that your brain is telling you to change your behavior, posture or to move.

stretch & align

Stretch & Align Therapy

What is “Stretch & Align”?

Stretch & Align is a comprehensive stretch therapy that alleviates joint pain and helps you recover from lower back, neck & shoulder pain including sports injury through a series of precise stretching and strengthening exercises.

With Stretch & Align, we work on increasing your flexibility and re-aligning your posture to relieve pain, discomfort, and tightness. 

•    Improve Flexibility
•    Chronic Pain Relief
•    Reduced Muscle Spasm
•    Relieves Muscle Soreness
•    Quickened Recovery After Injury
•    Posture Improvement
•    Reduced Risk of Muscle Strain
•    Reduced Risk of Ligament Sprain
•    Improve Oxygen and Nutrient Delivery to Cells
•    Stress Relief
•    Stimulates Lymph Circulation
•    Eliminates Cellular Waste

stretch & align

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Momentum Lab’s mobility specialists deliver a customized 1 hour program to focus on the area of discomfort you are facing. We do an obligation-free pre-assessment over the phone so that we can understand your needs better and advice you if Stretch Therapy is suitable for you.

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