Pilates Private Classes

Strengthen your core with our invigorating and highly effective Pilates private one-to-one sessions, customized to meet your fitness goals. Learning how to find your center and control through precise movements, you will experience an improvement in functional strength, balance as well as coordination.

Combining the use of various Pilates equipment, our private sessions are designed to give you a holistic, well-balanced workout which will leave you feeling stronger and taller.

Key Benefits:

  • Re-educating & Realignment of Body to prevent Muscle Imbalances
  • Improving Core Strength & Back Strength to Support the Spine (Better Postures & Stronger Back)
  • Better Flexibility and Mobility
  • Improve Pelvic Floor Muscles (Prevent Incontinence Problems)
  • Improve Joint Stability
  • Flatten Abs and Stronger Glutes
  • A Longer & Leaner Body
private pilates

Personal / Small Group Fitness Training

Our personal sessions adopt a holistic approach towards the achievement of your overall well-being.

As each body is unique, you will go through an initial postural and movement assessment for us to better understand your goals and conditions.

Focusing on causes rather than mere symptoms, we will guide you on proper movement techniques/biomechanics and empower you with a wide genre of personalized programs. If you are looking for a be-spoke program which will eventually help you achieve your goals be it daily functional performance, fitness, improving your sports, post injury conditioning or just improving your mobility, then look no further.

Key focuses:

  • Muscles Re-education & Corrective Exercises
  • Post Rehab Conditioning & Strengthening Exercises
  • Flexibility and Mobility Training
  • General Fitness & Core Conditioning

Come with your partner or friends and we can create a small group session for you.